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“Building Tactical Resilience & Ethical Policing”

If we don't take care of OUR PEOPLE, they won't be able to take care of THE PEOPLE!

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI) is an assessment, consulting and training organization. We work with law-enforcement professionals and other first responders and their organizations who want to be at their best. Our focus is wellness and resilience.

We operate as Facilitators to help you build the Person/Agency/Community you want to be! We use facilitation and our exclusive proprietary CTA (Consultative Training & Assessment) process to guide you and your organization in building the systems you want and need to achieve a level of Premier Policing!

Armor Your Self™ Training Program

A “how to” seminar that helps police officers and other law enforcement professionals armor themselves.

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Armor Your Agency™ Training Program

Program includes critical strategies that you will need to build a system of support and encouragement.

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True Blue Valor™ Training Program

It takes a system of organizational support and professional leadership to support and foster the concept of courage and intervention.

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Building Tactical Resilience and Ethical Policing

This is a three-day training session includes tactics to build essential habits in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and development. A tactically resilient officer is physically powerful, emotionally robust, mentally clear and spiritually whole and reaffirms their commitment to the ideals of policing with honesty, tolerance, respect, compassion and integrity.

We support the health and resilience of people and organizations in the areas that:

Recommendations on Support, Training & Services Available

  • Create and Maintain Individual & Family Wellness and Resilience
  • Cultivate a Positive Organizational Culture of Wellness
  • Cultivate a Positive Community Culture of Wellness
  • Build the Necessary Wellness Support Systems
  • Promote Wellness Leadership
  • Foster Community Health & Resilience to Build Trust and Positive Community Relationships

We also believe that wellness and resilience are symbiotic systems made up of several critical parts that must work in tandem in order for the whole to be effective.

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Recommendations on Support, Training & Services Available
Individual Resilience Agency Support Systems Organizational Culture Organizational Health & Wellness Leadership Community Trust

Individual Resilience

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Building personal resilience is the foundation of all wellness systems. This would include enhancing the level of resilience for all of your personnel, both sworn and non-sworn as well as their families. Consider physical, mental/cognitive, emotional as well as spiritual fitness. See

Agency Support Systems

Armor your Agency Logo

Police wellness is not a program but a system, actually a system of systems, and if you don't have the internal support systems to sustain your people, they won't be as resilient and competent as you need them to be! Consider our Armor Your Agency™ training!

Organizational Culture

The culture of a police agency is like the operating system of all of an organizations processes.  The behaviors of the people provide all of the input. Is yours running smoothly or are things all gummed up? Consider our True Blue Valor™ training.

Organizational Health & Wellness Leadership

Wellness Focused Policing Logo

Just as with the people in policing, a law enforcement organization can be healthy or unhealthy and leadership has a lot to do with that. We advocate Wellness Leadership as part of our Wellness Focused Policing initiative at:

Community Trust

Having the trust of your community members, as well as your personnel, is the lifeblood of any law enforcement agency. We recommend building a Wellness Driven Community Policing program to support both your people and THE PEOPLE!

Additional Services Available

  • Individual, Organizational, Cultural and Community Assessments
  • Pre-Recorded, Virtual, Blended and In-Person Training in the Areas Listed Below
  • The Armor Your Self™ Facilitator Program where we train your people to facilitate our material
  • Consulting to Determine or Support Existing Resilience Initiatives
  • Executive Coaching to Support Wellness Leadership
  • Executive Mastermind Groups
  • Consulting and Training that Promote Trust and Positive Community Interactions


John Marx

John Marx

Executive Director

John Marx is the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Survival Institute and founder of

Cary Friedman

Cary Friedman


Chaplain Cary A. Friedman is a consultant and lecturer on matters of stress-management and ethics for the law enforcement community.

Eric Potterat

Eric Potterat


Eric Potterat, Ph.D. is a human performance psychologist and retired active duty Commander from the U.S. Navy where he served as the Force Psychologist for the U.S. Navy SEALs.

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