Other Programs

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute offers dozens of advanced and specialty seminars on topics such as:

  • Building Tactical Resilience™
  • The Tactical Resilience™ & Ethical Policing Project
  • Armor Your Self™ Leadership for Law Enforcement Excellence
  • Beyond Officer Survival: What’s Your Plan?
  • Build and Maintaining an Effective Law Enforcement Mentoring Program
  • How to Create and Maintain an Effective Law Enforcement Family Support Network
  • The Spiritual Dimension of Law Enforcement
  • Maintaining Law Enforcement Health – Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual
  • Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement
  • Ethics in Policing – A Perishable Skill
  • Fortifying Our Officers: Spiritual First-Aid for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement Families: Supporting Our Officers, Nourishing Our Families
  • Workshop for Law Enforcement Chaplains: Avoiding pitfalls, maximizing effectiveness
  • Trained Observer Training
  • The Importance of Early Financial Planning
  • Stress Management and Career Survival for Police Officers
  • Comprehensive Survival Skills: Cumulative Stress, Tactical Wellness and Stress Management
  • Survive a Shooting, Survive Your Career
  • The Day The Brotherhood of Law Enforcement Died
  • Leadership in Law Enforcement Wellness
  • The Best in Law Enforcement Nutrition and Fitness
  • The Police PTSD Paradox
  • Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention – Take Charge Now!
  • Rx3x – The Stress Management Prescription for Law Enforcement
    And more…..

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