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We believe wellness in law enforcement should be a system, not a program. Too many police agencies, large and small, are just dabbling in wellness and perhaps doing more harm than good. The difference is in strategy and complexity. Too many organizations focus on only one thing like emotional survival for law enforcement or just a physical fitness program. A wellness system does more than that. It looks at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of people and works to build fitness in all of those areas. It also looks at the environment and what influences impact wellness. We help you build wellness systems to protect your people and your organization. Below you will find a list of our products and services. Many have prices listed and those can be purchased directly online. Some require us to get more information about your organization before we can give you and accurate price quote. For those areas please use the button at the bottom of this page that says CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A PRICE QUOTE and then fill in the information requested in the form and we will contact you..


Wellness impacts everything: performance, well-being, decision-making, citizens complaints, unnecessary excessive use of force, teamwork, communication skills, maturity, happiness or anger and aggression.
The Law Enforcement Survival Institute has a suite of programs that can help an agency of any size, and any sized budget, build and sustain an effective employee resilience building program. We can provide training: in-person, virtually or online with pre-recorded sessions. We can help you with planning the most often overlooked wellness necessities. We also offer some very affordable “do-it-yourself” solutions that avoid the burden of expensive training.

Armor Your Self™: How to Survive a Career in Law Enforcement – Request a Price Quote

Armor Your Agency™ Training Program – Request a Price Quote

True Blue Valor™ Training Program – Request a Price Quote

Building Tactical Resilience™ & Ethical Policing Training Program – Request a Price Quote

Comprehensive Agency Improvement with the LESI Wellness Systems Triage

Design-Your-Own Long-Term Consulting Project with LESI Experts – Request a Price Quote

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Proprietary LESI/CTA Training

AYS Book Bundle


These packages combine Armor Your Self books with Discussion & Study Guides to accommodate different sized law enforcement groups, agencies and academy classes.

Armor Your Self book, Toolkit & Study Guide Package $75

Armor Your Self Book Club Package $160

Armor Your Self Book Group Study Package $285


These packages are intended to facilitate in-house discussion and development of a basic law enforcement resilience program using the Armor Your Self textbook. This is a Do-It-Yourself Small Agency Wellness & Resilience Building Training Curriculum for agencies that can’t afford more expensive training but want to explore the Armor Your Self textbook more deeply.

Armor Your Self Ten-Book Small Agency Curriculum Package $999.00

Armor Your Self Ten-Book ALL-IN-ONE Small Agency Curriculum Package $1,035.00

Armor Your Self Twenty-Book Small Agency Curriculum Package $1,250.00


These are affordable “do-it-yourself” planning & development solutions using our materials and with our support on Zoom to build your own effective law enforcement wellness initiatives. Use these rather than expensive on-site training programs that don’t always reach all of your people and may not leave a lasting impact.

“Why Wellness?” Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Individual Resilience Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Agency Support Systems Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Organizational Culture Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Wellness Leadership Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Wellness Driven Community Policing Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Support Systems for Leaders Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Building Internal Trust Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Building Community Trust Focus Area Package $3,500.00

Build-It-Yourself Focus Area Package – CLICK Button Below to request a Price Quote

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