Christie Ward, CSP

Christie Ward, CSP is a nationally acclaimed leadership and communication expert known for high-content, high-energy workshops and keynotes that get results. A fearless facilitator who tackles the tough subjects, Christie’s workshops are highly customized to meet organizations’ specific needs and are interwoven with real-world stories and actionable tactics.

Since 1999, when she founded The Impact Institute, Christie has focused on communication, leadership, and teambuilding topics that result in more productive teams and effective leadership. Highlights include lowering union grievances at an AT&T division by 66%. In addition, she personally coached the World Champion of Public Speaking for the year 2000. Previously, as Director of Training for CareerTrack, Inc., Christie coached and managed 200 of the best professional trainers around the world. For leaders at all levels, Christie Ward teaches skills to communicate with crystal-clear clarity. For supervisors and managers, Christie takes the mystery out of managing people by teaching effective, “front line” communication and teambuilding skills. For individual contributors, Christie Ward’s “how-to-fix” workshops teach how to effectively communicate with your colleagues and managers, stressing why each person must take responsibility in building a great team and a great workplace.