Elaine Dumler

Elaine Dumler is an author, speaker and expert in creating police and military family support networks. I’m Already Home, (version one) is the first book Elaine wrote designed to help families discover unique and wonderful ways to stay connected and in constant communication when they are separated by deployments and assignments.

In 2006 the updated edition, I’m Already Home Again, was released, which combines the best of the original edition with over 150 new ideas, resources, stories and expanded chapters on reunion and reintegration. The information for both books was gleaned through interviews with over 2000 military families who shared the best practical ideas that worked for their families. Following the path of another 1200 family interviews, 2009 brought the release of her 3rd book, The Road Home – Smoothing the Transition Back from Deployment. Ms. Dumler also assists law enforcement agencies who want to form and enhance their Family Support Networks.