Julie Zielinski

Julie Zielinski is a wife and mother of three adult children, Tami, Matthew (deceased) and Mark. She has three grandchildren. Julie is a retired assistant tennis coach whose coaching style builds self-discipline and strength in meeting challenges both in sports and for life. With the tragic death of her son, she felt the need to help others.

Julie is author of Matt’s Last Call the story of Julie’s fun-loving, marine, sheriff’s deputy son who committed suicide and caused her world to come crashing down. As Julie reflects on the death of her firstborn son, she informs parents and children of the dangers of suicide, the difficulty of coping, the pain of everyday life and lastly the days when happiness returns, even if just a little bit. She shares her story to prevent pain and grief for other families, and to comfort other suicide survivors. Julie is the suicide liaison for the Washington State Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors. She is also the Washington State Representative for the National Police Suicide Foundation.