Agency Support Systems Focus Area Package

For small law enforcement agencies or study groups this police wellness discussion package is designed for ten people to examine and discuss topics around police wellness and resilience building. It’s perfect for police agencies with tight training budgets, small groups who want to study on their own, or even law enforcement academy classes. Buy multiple sets for larger groups or just purchase additional books.

Assess and develop effective, comprehensive wellness support systems to care for the people of your agency. Use that knowledge to enhance referral resources and connections for the people in your community.

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It’s good to build healthy and resilient people, but if you don’t have the support systems to sustain and nurture that wellness then it is very difficult for those individuals to maintain that resilience. Support can come in many areas including psychological support, chaplaincy, proactive peer support, mentoring and family support. We will suggest twenty areas for you to examine when enhancing your support systems and encourage you to evaluate Early Warning and Early Intervention systems. We can help you assess the current quality and impact of your agency’s support systems. We can help you identify the most important things you need to add to your repertoire of support. We can help you evaluate any potential weaknesses in your current support systems. We will challenge you about when agency support begins and when it should end. We will invite you to commit a total of 10 hours, including 3 one-hour Zoom sessions with John Marx, toward enhancing or building your Agency Support Systems. At the end of our time together you will have developed an action plan for the implementation for your chosen Agency Support Systems initiatives.