Wellness Driven Community Policing Focus Area Package


Learn to lay the foundations for a Wellness Driven Community Policing project and create a stronger
bond with your community leaders on a neighborhood level. No matter what your current level of Community
Policing this package will help you take your program to the next level of community engagement.

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The concept of Wellness Focused Policing is about the WELLNESS OF PEOPLE and starts within a law enforcement agency and works its way outwardly to build community health and wellness too. When the focus is upon the well-being of ALL people – law enforcement wellness and resilience become much more manageable and policing becomes much more professional. With this comprehensive
everyone becomes healthier

We can help you understand the need to focus on the wellness of your community
We can help you go beyond Community Policing toward Wellness Focused Policing
We can help you discover the benefits of Wellness Driven Community Policing, both inside and outside the organization

We will invite you to commit a total of 10 hours, including 3 one-hour zoom sessions with John Marx, toward building or enhancing your Wellness Driven Community Policing project. At the end of our time together, you will have developed an action plan for the implementation and enhancement of your chosen Wellness Driven Community Policing initiatives.