Armor Your Self BookArmor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement helps law enforcement professionals armor themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This book is also for law enforcement family members to use to learn how to help your family survive this career.

In this book you will learn about: • Blue Trauma Syndrome • The 7 Key Factors of Tactical Resilience™ • Comprehensive Survival Skills to Save Your Life and Your Health • Critical Concepts for Stress Reduction • How to Armor Your Agency™ • The Concept of True Blue Valor™

This book is filled with practical exercises, tactics and techniques to help you build your resilience intentionally!

In print the book is softcover, 458 pages
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Early Praise for Armor Your Self:
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“Wow! Armor Your Self™ is a landmark, pioneering work, that belongs on every cop’s bookshelf. Get this book! Study this book! Apply this book! It will save careers, it will save marriages, and it will save lives! Relatives of police should give this book to “your” cop. Mental health and medical practitioners, counselors, psychologists and therapists should use this book as a part of your wellness and therapeutic plan for police officers. There is no other book like this available today. It is essential and irreplaceable. And a hearty “Well done!” to John Marx! These are hard times in law enforcement, and in our nation, and I believe John was put here “for just such a time as this.”
Dave GrossmanLt. Col., USA (ret.) Author ofOn Combat,On Killing, andAssassination Generation

“The book, Armor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement gives information and skills to the law enforcement professional to not only survive their career, but also to stop transferring unresolved emotional issues into inappropriate police conduct. An important contribution to the law enforcement field.”

Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D.Police Psychologist, Behavioral Sciences and Management Consultant Author ofEmotional Survival for Law Enforcement

“If a book is weighed on the basis of how useful it is, Armor Your Self™ weighs a ton! Step by practical step, it coaches you on how to build the life-saving skill of resilience, the most critical quality for surviving the physical, mental, and emotional perils of a law enforcement career. A perfect gift for new recruits, an invaluable Rx for veteran officers who already are under siege from the many threats and stresses of the Job.”
Charles RemsbergAuthor, theStreet Survivalbook series

“Armor Your Self™” is one of those rare resources that is truly an encyclopedia for a successful law enforcement career. From physical fitness to tactical exercises to emotional well-being, John Marx has put together a book for every cadet, rookie, trainer, administrator and senior member of every police department in North America. It should be on the shelf of every law enforcement agency and academy library and must be shared with anyone who has a cop in the family. It’s one of those books that, after reading, we looked at each other and said “Why didn’t we write this?” Thankfully, John Marx did.
Dave and Betsy SmithLaw Enforcement Trainers and

“What are you willing to do to save a life? What about your own life? This comprehensive manual tells you how to find your way through the minefield of mental, emotional and spiritual assaults you experience in police work. Armor Your Self™ teaches you that overwhelming stress, burnout, PTSD and despair can be prevented or managed. The exercises and tactics in this book prepare you to survive, thrive, and enjoy your work and life. It’s one of the best books for personal survival you will ever read.”Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECRAuthor of CopShock, Second Edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“Armor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is the most comprehensive, effective book of its kind I’ve ever seen. It addresses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical aspects of a career in law enforcement and of the people who wear the badge, and the insights and techniques it provides will save lives, careers, and marriages. Get yourself a copy right away. And that cop you know, the one who is tired, angry, and demoralized? Order one for him / her, too.”
Cary A. FriedmanAuthor,Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

“Armor Your Self™: How to survive a career in law enforcement is a must have for anyone working in or with law enforcement! This is one of the best overall compilations of resources, guidance and techniques for those who navigate the high-stress, high-performance world of police work. Whether you’re an officer, family member or professional support staff, this resource will make you better at what you do!”
CDR Eric G. Potterat, Ph.D., USN (Retired)Clinical and Performance Psychologist Former Head Psychologist for the US Navy SEALs

“Armor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is an essential read for all law enforcement officers. John Marx is an experienced veteran police officer who provides practical and comprehensive information necessary for career-long officer-wellness. It is equally significant to spouses of officers and others that have an interest in the challenges confronted by modern day law enforcement officers.”
Jack. A. Digliani, PhD, EdDPolice Psychologist

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